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DOT ND NO: 7-45/2008/TA.I Dated 20.01.2009 Paymenet of Pension Contribution i.r.o. CG Emp.working in BSNL on deemed depuation basis
BSNL HQ Circular No:176 Dated 27.01.2009 6th CPC - Payment of Pension & Leave Contribution by BSNL to DOT.

BSNL NO.1-9/BBF/Staff Loan/TM/2007-08 Dt.13.11.07

BSNL NO.1-9/BBF/STAFF LOAN/2007-08 DT.8.11.07

[BSNL No. 11-15/2007-PAT(BSNL)Dated 26-07-2007]

Payment of IDA at  the revised rates 71.1% w.e.f. 01-07-2007 [BSNL No. 14-1/2007-PAT(BSNL) Dated 23-07-2007]
BSNLMRS for expdr on indoor treatment where no CGHS Rates prescribed BSNL NO. BSNL/Admn.I/ 1-1/07 Dated 23.04.2007
BSNL ONE INDIA -Cencessional Tariffs BSNL NO. 2-21/2000-PHA Dated 22.10.07
Recruitment Rules for Management Trainees BSNL NO.400-07/2005-Pers.I Dated 13.10.07
Grant of PLI for the year 2006-07 BSNL NO.12-8/2007-PAT(BSNL) Dated 10.10.07
Payment of IDA Revised Rates BSNL NO. 14-1/2007-PAT(BSNL) Dated 1.10.07
Processing & Finalization of Various Retirement Benefits of Absorbed BSNL Employees BSNL NO. 36-1/2007-Pen Dated 06.06.07
Calling for Option for absorption in BSNL BSNL NO.BSNL/4/SR /2002(Vol.II) Dated 28.05.07
Recruitment Rulesfor Sr.TOA G BSNL NO.252-10/2007.Pers-III Dated 25.05.07
Applicability of GPC CPF rules for the employees died in harness on or 1fter 1.10.2000 BSNL NO.500-85/CA II/BSNL/EPF/Vol.III Dated 25.05.07
Introduction of EPF Scheme BSNL NO. 500-10/CA II/BSNL/EPF/Vol.III Dated 10.05.07
BSNL NO. BSNL-4/SR/ 2002 Vol.III Dated 04.05.07
Compassionate Appointments SGA Quota BSNL NO.273-18/2005-Pers.IV Dated 28.05.07
BSNL NO. BSNL-4/SR/ 2002 Vol.III Dated 04.05.07
BSNL NO.BSNL/6-1/SR Dated 22.09.08
BSNL NO.BSNL/6-1/SR Dated 22.09.08  
TTA Pay fixation 0ct 08.pdf BSNL NO.250-51/2002-Pers-III Dated 24.09.07
Payment of IDA at  the revised rates 78.6% w.e.f. 01-01-2008 [BSNL No. 14-1/2007-PAT(BSNL) Dated 23-01-20087]
BSNL NO.250-51/2002-Pers-III Dated 24.09.07  
monetary ceiling limits for various entitlements of the beneficiaries availing CGHS facilities by the Employees/Pensioners/Family Pensioners w.e.f. 01.06.2009.. Click for copy. BSNL HQ Vide No: BSNL/Admn.1/15-5/07 dated 15.12.2009 endorses the GOI. Min. of Health and F.W. ND No: s.11011/2/2008-CGHS(P) Dated 20.5.2009


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K. Vallinayagam

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